Pier 1 Imports Weekly Ad 2016

The Pier 1 Imports weekly ad, found at www.pier1.com/pier-1-catalog/mailer,default,pg.html, is an online ad developed by Pier 1 Imports to help you save money. Home decor items are becoming increasingly popular to ensure that your home look its best. However, home decor can also be expensive, unless you know how to find great deals. These ads are just one way to find a great deal without having to go to the store, saving time and money.

How to Save with the Pier 1 Imports Weekly Ad

Pier 1 Imports understands your need to find high-quality items for as little a cost as possible. They offer sale items to help you decorate your home without spending too much, but you’ll have to look at the ad to find out what amazing deals are offered each month or week.

How to Keep Updated with the Pier 1 Imports Weekly Ad

While there is no special sign-up button for the weekly ad, you can always click the home icon (see number three of the guide) to sign up for weekly emails and coupons. They will likely send the ad to your inbox to make viewing easier. If you don’t wish to sign up for the email reminder, you may also click the star icon in the address box of your browser to add the ad to your favorites for easier viewing.


  1. Go to www.pier1.com/pier-1-catalog/mailer,default,pg.html.
  2. The date of the ad will be shown at the top.
  3. You can click the house icon to go to the home web page or click the four small arrows going in all directions to enlarge the ad to make it easier to see.
  4. Clicking an item will provide a larger view, more information about the item and a way to buy the items online, if available.
  5. Click the small arrow to the right to move to the next page.
Current Pier 1 Imports Weekly Ad

Weekly Ad: Valid Dates: August 1 – August 31, 2016 (Click Here)