Duthler’s Weekly Ad 2017

The Duthler’s Weekly Ad, located online at duthlersfamilyfoods.com/savings/weekly-ad, is an online virtual advertisement of the weekly savings that are available at your favorite Duthlers Family Foods. This web-based version of the printed ad will allow access at your convenience, to plan your shopping in advance and enjoy the savings that are available each week. You may have found that a printed ad was included in your local newspaper or delivered to you in your mailbox. The advantages of the online version will be that you may view many other features that that are not available with a printed advertisement.

How to Save with the Duthler’s Weekly Ad

Duthlers Family Foods would like to extend additional savings to customers while shopping at their stores. Simply by viewing the Duthler’s Weekly Ad, before you plan to do your shopping, you can create a list of the items that you may want to purchase that week that are on sale and enjoy the savings that are available for that week.

How to Keep Updated with the Duthler’s Weekly Ad


  1. Go to duthlersfamilyfoods.com/savings/weekly-ad.
  2. Click on the link to download the weekly ad.
  3. As you view the weekly ad, you can create your shopping list on the items that you may want to purchase for that week.
  4. To receive special offers and stay advised of all the specials at the Duthlers Family Food store you can register your email to receive information delivered directly to your email inbox. When you register you may choose your favorite location that you would be shopping at.
  5. Additional information is also available on the online version of the Duthler’s Weekly Ad that you will find is very helpful when planning your meals and being able to enjoy the weekly savings that are available.
Current Duthler's Weekly Ad

Weekly Ad: Valid Dates: February 19 – February 25, 2017 (Click Here)